-OSA Staff: OSA staff goes through a mandatory COVID-19 prescreening prior to each of their shifts. They are

required to wear masks and gloves at all times.

-Player/Spectator Screening: We ask that all those entering our facilities do their own screening at home and anyone showing signs or symptoms of COVID-19 must not enter OSA facilities. For detailed guidance on home screening, go to www.cdc.gov/screening.

-Masks: ALL who enter all game facilities MUST wear a mask. If you do not have one, you will not be allowed in. This includes all players, coaches, referees, and spectators. Coaches and Spectators must wear masks AT ALL TIMES. Players and referees may remove their masks ONLY when they are on the court and must wear masks on the bench and at all other times.

1. Attendance will be limited to TWO PEOPLE from immediate households PER athlete. This will be referred to as “Household Units.” We recognize this is taking things a step further from the Governor’s DHM, but we feel this is the safest for everyone involved and best way to be able to effectively manage this process and space six feet between household units.

2. Spectators/Athletes/Coaches are not allowed to enter the facilities until 15 minutes prior to their scheduled game.

3. Staging Areas:

UBT: Player’s household units will not be allowed into the gym until the conclusion of the previous game and all participants have left the area. A specific staging area for each court has been set up in the commons area, which will allow for social distancing between households and other teams. At the conclusion of the game prior to yours, OSA staff will make an announcement, at which time, household units may take their court.

The Mark: Upon entering the court area, athletes and their 1-2 spectators will spread out in household units along the east wall where there is ample room, and may not enter the court area until the game before them has completely cleared out.

Bellevue Lied Center: Spectators/players/coaches will not be allowed into the gym until the conclusion of the previous game and all participants have left the area. Staff will notify teams when they may take the floor. Spectators will socially distance outside the admissions area in the lobby or outside, weather permitting.

NOTE: To avoid congestion at the admissions table, upon arrival, spectators will be allowed to pay their gate fee, or get their season pass punched and get their hand stamped before heading to their staging area.

4. Spectator/Player Gym Entry – ALL FACILITIES: In order to ensure each player does not exceed the two-spectator per household unit limit, the 1-2 members of the household unit must enter the gym with their athlete. Coaches are not allowed extra spectators, but will NOT be included in the total household unit count. However, if the total number of spectators per household unit exceeds two, the coach must then stand six feet away from his household unit, before games and when exiting the facility. NO SPECTATORS WILL BE ALLOWED ENTRY WITHOUT THEIR ATHLETE.


5. Spectator Seating: We will be strategically placing chairs at UBT and Bellevue Lied Center where one to two members of a household unit may sit. We are adding an extra set of bleachers at the Mark, as well as folding chairs, and will also specifically note where the two members of a household unit may sit together. If only one member of a household unit is in attendance, they must sit six feet apart from


the next household unit. Under no circumstances should chairs be moved or pushed together. There is no standing room. Household units must sit in designated seating areas. Siblings of participants must be seated and may not freely roam around the facility.

-Post-Game: There will be no handshake lines after the game, and post-game huddles will not be allowed. Players, coaches and spectators must exit the facility immediately following their game. Coaches must be sure all trash is cleaned up and must double check bench areas for any and all belongings left behind. All items left behind will be thrown away immediately. Participants must maintain social distancing while exiting the courts.

-Sanitation Procedures: High touch point areas will be sanitized after every game.
-Water Fountains: The water fountains will be turned off. Please make sure that your athlete brings their own

personalized water bottle, as the filling stations are open.

-Basketballs: One Coach per team will be allowed to bring three basketballs in a secured net or bag. Basketballs may be used from the start of warm-ups until the start of the game and then throughout half time. Absolutely no other basketballs will be allowed in the facility and violators will be required to take their ball back to their car. Home team will provide the game ball, and we will have sanitization materials available for coaches to sanitize the game ball before and after the game.

– As a result of our enforcement of face coverings at all times, NO FOOD OR DRINK will be allowed into the gym, with the exception of player water bottles. Those who do not comply will be removed from the facility without any warning.

For questions or concerns contact Bob Franzese, Omaha Sports Academy General Manager at (402) 504-1222, ext 1 or at Bob.Franzese@OmahaSportsAcademy.com.